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In GTC we are experts on helping other companies like yours to make successful business with China

Services for companies that want to make successful business with China

Many companies have lost a lot of money trying to make businesses with Chinese companies. We help you to avoid it.

In GTC we are experts on helping other companies to make successful businesses with China. We search for suppliers and analyze them until we find the one that satisfies your company needs. We develop a brand for you and supervise all shipments so you receive what you order.

When you try to import from China without the proper help, you put your investment at risk. Sometimes you spend too much time and money in trips to China trying to find the right supplier. Sometimes you loose money because when you receive your merchandise it’s different than what you expected. Or sometimes you can’t import what you want because of import regulations.

We are the window that makes it possible to have a successful business between your company and China. We also have operations in the following countries: United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia and Spain.

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We can look Chinese suppliers for you, make samples, production checking, goods inspection, supervise your shipments, make guided visits to fairs or factories, among other services…

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Housing building materials, food, jewelry and watches, machinery and hardware, textile fabrics, toys…

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